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Computed Tomography

Computed tomography (CT) examination (also known as a CAT scan) is used in podiatry to help diagnose and treat foot or ankle problems. A CT is a kind of X-ray device that takes cross sectional images of a part of the body, giving the physician a three-dimensional image. CT scans [...]

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is sophisticated diagnostic equipment used to diagnose an array of health problems or conditions, including: Arthritis. Fractures. Infections. Injuries of the tendons, ligaments, or cartilage. Tumors. MRIs use no radiation like conventional X-rays or CT scans. They employ large magnet and radio waves to produce three-dimensional [...]

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Ultrasound is a very effective tool for diagnosing a wide variety of foot and ankle problems, particularly soft tissue problems. Ultrasound uses sound waves on the body in a way much like radar uses sound waves. The waves hit a targeted area and are bounced back to a recording device, which [...]

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<p><em>X-rays</em> help determine whether a bone has been fractured or damaged by conditions such as an infection, arthritis, or other disease.</p><p>Other reasons for conventional X-rays on your feet are to:</p> <ul><li>Evaluate changes in the bones from infections, arthritis, or other bone disease.</li> <li>Assess whether a child&#8217;s bones are growing normally.</li> <li>Locate [...]

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