What Our Patients Say

Charlize C.


"After the most horrible plantar fasciitis pain for a year and a half, Dr. Conenello treated me with shockwave therapy and I am pain-free!!! Thank you for all your help!"

Fionna S.


"... Dr Conenello is the FOOT WHISPERER 😊❤️"

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Marianne H.


"Dr. Rob helped me with my never ending runner's feet ailments. We are so grateful for his knowledge & expertise."

Joseph S.


"I’m an avid runner and I have been dealing with Achilles tendinitis, Dr. Rob Conenello has played a huge role in making me run pain-free."

Kiera M.


"Dr Rob helped me relieve my pain. Hospital of Special Surgery wanted to put me in a boot. Dr. Conenello used his Shockwave Therapy and had me feeling better after the first visit. After a few sessions, I was running within a couple weeks."

Jerald K.


"Dr. Conenello treated me successfully for years for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. My heel pain was debilitating until I came under his compassionate and generous therapeutic care. I have been pain-free for several years now thanks to Dr. Rob. He is one of a kind."

Gary C.


"I bear witness to the effectiveness of Dr. Conenello's Shockwave Therapy. I was one doctor visit away from surgery that would have changed my ability to run forever. Dr. Conenello treated me for plantar fasciitis, using Shockwave, and I’ve been running pain free for three years. Thanks Rob!"

Patrick D.


"It works! And Dr Conenello is the best! Thought I was eventually going to need surgery for my insertional Achilles tendinitis that was bugging me for 10 years, but instead he fixed it with three 5-minute sessions with his new focus ESWT Shockwave Therapy. Thanks again, Doc!!"

Sterling H.


"... Helped me come back from bad Achilles problem (2016) and helped prevent Plantar Fasciitis (2020) ..."

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Hanna V.


"... Withing 3 visits, my foot is wart and pain free. Thank you, Dr. Conenello..."

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Eilise N.


"... Dr. Conenello's knowledge and experience helped me get back out running right away..."

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Summer R.


"Dr. Conenello treated my arthritic foot with ESWT-extracorporeal shockwave therapy after all other treatments failed. After 3 sessions, my pain was gone. I'm very grateful!!"

Hazel V.


"... I was able to walk out with no boot 😀😀. After a few sessions, I'm back training for the various races."

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Kiley W.


"Dr. Conenello introduced me to the EPAT. Changed my life! ... "

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Barry H.


"I have always had great experiences with Orangetown Podiatry. Dr. Conenello is very knowledgeable and has always been able to diagnose my injuries quickly and get me the proper treatment I've needed. I definitely recommend Orangetown Podiatry."

Zander S.


"... After only one set of treatments I have not experienced pain since, no matter how long I stand..."

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Riley P.


"...His patience is like no other. I can easily say he’s an amazing doctor that really loves what he does..."

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Sadie S.


"... Not only is his bedside manner flawless, but my feet have never felt better!..."

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Jeff J.


"...Most importantly, he is not only a great Doctor, but a great person!!!"

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Cailin C.


"You want a Great Sports Doctor??....Dr. Rob, through his knowledge and support, was instrumental in helping me cross the finish line both times...."

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Sandra B.


"... Meeting with Dr. Conenello was like talking to an old friend. He took the time to educate me on my condition and explained how he would help me.... "

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Brian R.


"Dr Conenello is the absolute best I highly recommend him the whole staff in his office is great I’d give 10 stars if the rating system would let me."

Katelyn S.


"...serving Special Olympics New Jersey athletes for many years. His commitment to our athletes is unwavering..."

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Gemma M.


"...a high school athlete, college athlete or a weekend warrior , Dr. Rob will keep you on the court, field, track..."

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Douglas S.


"...opened his office early just to see my daughter and diagnosed the problem immediately..."

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Annmarie D.


"Dr C is the best both in the office and in the operating room. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, articulate, caring and compassionate. In addition. he is a motivator and role model to many."

Nallivy O.


"...he treats his patient as a whole. His charisma and great character is what makes him stand out above the rest..."

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Pete E.


"...clearly describes procedures and therapy with a clear defined goal for healing..."

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James N.


"... shock wave therapy for my foot which has worked wonders on my mobility and everyday walking. I highly recommend this office..."

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Stephen S.


"...Dr. Rob's expertise expands outside of just the feet and ankles. He understands and is quite knowledgeable about the human body overall..."

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Carole H.


"...I was feeling down in the dumps and unsure about my running future, he inspired me by keeping a positive mindset and giving me hope, which he says stands for: hundreds of possibilities exist..."

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Ann T.


"...Dr. Conenello listened, was so caring and assured me that I didn't have to live with constant pain..."

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Jonathan B.


Rob is one of the most knowledgeable foot doctors in the country when it comes to running better and healthier. He is also an amazing listener, always learning and truly cares for people.



It is our goal to resolve your pain and function issues in a way that allows you to live the life you are accustomed to.

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